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Joyful Disciples: Let’s Talk Lent

This week Donna Ottaviano-Britt chats about Lent, Easter… and baseball? The episode is a good reminder that in many ways Lent is a journey, from the darkness of winter to the warmth of spring, and similarly in our own faith, a reminder of our...

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Youth Ministry Insights: How to Have Patience

Patience is a virtue and also a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Youth Ministers can often get caught up in the “waiting time” for your ministry to grow. It truly takes patience during the time you are building your ministry and throughout it! Additionally...

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Stockton University Catholic Campus Ministry

This week we sit down with members of Stockton University’s Catholic Campus Ministry – director Alison Filion, student president Dom Villanueva, and student secretary Catherine Cendana. Our hosts Kari Janisse and Mike Walsh chat with the trio about how the campus ministry helps students...

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Changing with the Tides: Having a good support system is the key

On this week’s episode, Lex explains that whether your troubles are chronic or pop up out of nowhere, having a good support system is something everyone can use. In today’s American culture, there exists a false truth that we must be independent and accepting...

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What A Life: Welcome home

On this week’s episode, Fr. Adam Cichoski chats about how life in the seminary helps to discern and discover God’s call for those considering the priesthood.

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Keepin’ It Catholic: Why are young adults losing interest?

Why are young adults are losing interest in their faith? Or at least losing interest in coming to church or being active members of their parishes. On today’s show Star Martinez and her guest Ashley Gonzalez from the Catholic Millennial Ministry tackle that very...

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