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Joyful Disciples: Kind of Home Alone

On this week’s episode of Joyful Disciples, our host Donna Ottaviano-Britt brings aboard her husband Joe onto the show to talk about what its been like for them to social distance, but also that maybe its been a blessing disguise. So often we lament...

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Youth Ministry Insights: Reaching Youth During COVID-19

The last few weeks have been a difficult and unprecedented time for just about everything we are use to in our normal every day lives. With everything being canceled right now from school to even Catholic Mass, it is certain that most, if not...

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Social Distancing — The Coronavirus special

Like the rest of the world, our podcast isn’t immune to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. But, also like the rest of the world, we will soldier on in new and different ways. So this week, via Zoom teleconferencing software, Mike Walsh grabs...

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Changing with the Tides: How to stay positive

If there’s one thing that everyone is faced with, from time to time, it’s being down. Our Changing with the Tides host Lex Keefer has some suggestions for how to stay positive during the dark times.

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What A Life: Heroes

Father Adam Cichoski reminds us that we can all be heroes, especially in today’s uneasy times. The acts of heroism can be simple or spectacular, secular or spiritual. Remember, we are all capable of great acts, if we remember that at all times we...

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Keepin’ It Catholic: The Desert Experience

We all need help focusing on our mission. We can take a lot of heart in the fact that Jesus did the same when he went into the desert. And much like what happened to him, often during these times we can be tempted...

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