What A Life!

What A Life is a series that takes a deeper look into the great vocation of the Priesthood!

Hosted ByFather Adam Cichoski

With “What a Life!”, Fr. Adam Cichoski takes a deeper look into the great vocation of the Priesthood! We look at the things that help a young man discern this possible vocation, like the role of our families, our devotions, and the example of our parish priests help us to hear God’s call, and to respond to it.  They will also look at life in the seminary and what it takes to be a seminarian for our diocese.  We will speak with men going through formation in the seminary as it helps them in the ultimate goal of the priesthood.


Fr. Adam Cichoski was born in Franklinville, NJ.  He grew up in the parish of St. Michael the Archangel, at the Church of the Nativity.  Fr. Adam entered the seminary at the age of 25, and studied at St. Andrew’s College Seminary at Seton Hall and Immaculate Conception Seminary at Seton Hall.  He was ordained to the priesthood in 2017, and became the Director of Vocations in 2019.  Fr. Adam currently serves as part-time parochial vicar at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish and Director of Vocations for the Camden Diocese.

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What A Life: Heroes

Father Adam Cichoski reminds us that we can all be heroes, especially in today’s uneasy times. The acts of heroism can be simple or spectacular, secular or spiritual. Remember,...

What A Life: Livin’ on a Prayer

Fr. Adam Cichoski is back with another episode this week, this time chatting about prayer and how it is the foundation of our spiritual lives, regardless of your vocation...

What a Life: Mama, I’m coming home

This week’s episode of What A Life brings with it a VERY special guest, Fr. Adam’s mom, Sharon Cichoski! The duo talk about Fr. Adam’s vocation story and the...

What A Life: Welcome home

On this week’s episode, Fr. Adam Cichoski chats about how life in the seminary helps to discern and discover God’s call for those considering the priesthood.

What I Got

Fr. Adam takes a deep dive on hearing God’s voice and responding to God’s will when it comes to discerning a vocation, especially to the priesthood. If you are...

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We’re thrilled to welcome Fr. Adam Cichoski as the host of “What a Life” our new podcast related specifically to vocations. Fr. Adam is the Director of Vocations for...