Youth Ministry Insights

Youth Ministry Insights is a series all about bringing the Church to today’s youth!

Hosted ByKari Janisse

Youth Ministry is a forever changing field as the youth of today are ever changing with the times and culture. Those seeking to serve the young church, or those already serving them in this field, know that there is great work to be done! This show is all about the joys, and sometimes the difficult moments, of working in Youth Ministry! Each episode is filled with tips, advice and the real truth of serving and sharing in the building up of the kingdom! When you touch the hearts of the youth you touch their souls. And this show is all about touching hearts.

Kari  Janisse bio:

Kari graduated from Rowan University in 2004 with a degree in Graphic Design. After a few years of designing, she felt called to change careers and began working as a Youth Minister in the Camden Diocese in 2008. She has been the Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at Our Lady of Peace Parish in Williamstown for over ten years. Throughout the last decade, Kari has spoken to thousands of youth & young adults on many topics of the faith. Kari also runs an entertainment business where she performs as a stilt-walker, balloon artist and face painter. She has been married to her wonderful husband, Phil, for twelve years and she is a proud mom of her two-year-old son, JohnPaul! Her deepest passion is sharing the Catholic faith with others and touching the hearts and lives of the young Church!

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