Joyful Disciples

Hosted ByDonna Ottaviano-Britt

Joyful Disciples is a series about becoming a missionary disciple!

What Is Your Mission?

On the inaugural episode of Joyful Disciple, Donna Ottaviano-Britt helps you to determine what YOUR mission is in becoming a missionary disciple.

There is great responsibility in our receipt of the Sacrament of Baptism. We are not only washed clean of original sin and welcomed into the family of God. We are called to some large-scale work just as the Apostles and early followers of Jesus were called in the 1st century. All were called to follow Jesus, learn from Him and be like Him. Jesus asked them to love and serve. He asks the same of us now.

But inside this call to be a disciple is another – and that is of missionary disciple and the work of forming others for Jesus. The days of a Catholic’s private relationship with Jesus have drawn to a close. Time to be joyfully Catholic and share the good news.