Changing With The Tides

Changing With The Tides is a series about how having a great support system can help you in life!

Hosted ByAlexis Keefer

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Changing with the Tides: My Life Story

As you may have guessed from Lex’s two previous episodes, she’s faced a few bumps in the road during her young life. On this episode she gets into the...

Changing with the Tides: Having a good support system is the key

On this week’s episode, Lex explains that whether your troubles are chronic or pop up out of nowhere, having a good support system is something everyone can use. In...

Rolling with the Punches

We’ve all heard the phrase when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, Alexis Keefer, our beloved host of Changing with the Tides, has made gallons of it, and...