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7 Tips for Making Youth Pilgrimages

7 Tips for Making Youth Pilgrimages

-Do you have statues, shrines or holy images around your parish complex? Have a “mini walking pilgrimage” meeting walking around to each statue, saying a prayer near it and learning about that particular statue.

-If there is a local Cathedral or Basillica near you, call to see if you can set up a private tour.

-Many Dioceses have National shrines local to their area, if there are any in a 2-3 hour radius, make a day trip of it.

-Many shrines offer days where they have special events or speakers. Try to hook into one of these events.

-If possible organize or hook into a parish-wide pilgrimage to a holy site such as Fatima, Louise, The Holy Land, Rome, etc.

-Have youth from your group, young adults or parish community members give a talk to your group about a pilgrimage that they experienced. When possible have them provide photos or videos to add to the presentation.

-Pilgrimages can also be attending one of the larger Catholic conferences that are offered to youth in the US such as Steubenville Youth Conferences ( ) or The National Catholic Youth Conference (

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