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7 Tips for Planning High School Weekend Retreats

7 Tips for Planning High School Weekend Retreats

-Plan your retreat in advance. Keep in mind the youths’ calendars and stay away from any “big event” dates such as homecoming, prom, championship games, etc.

-Select a location nearby where parents can drop off/pick up easily. Having bus transportation can cost more and eat into your budget.

-Look for a retreat house/facility that works for you. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If a retreat facility isn’t available, retreats can be held at a local Newman Center, campground, or even at the church and the youth stay at local host family’s houses.

-Use a song to tie into the theme of the retreat. This can be a Christian song or secular song. Just be sure that it has good lyrics to tie the theme of the retreat together. The title of the song can be the name of the retreat.

-Select a “team” of high school leaders to lead the weekend. Plan around 6-8 weeks of weekly training sessions which lead up to the weekend.

-Plan out the schedule of the weekend in advance with all of the meals, sacraments, prayer experiences, small groups, etc. But also leave some room for the Holy Spirit to plan some things as well!

-Have an overnight event in which the team stays up late preparing all of the final details of the retreat. This is also a great bonding time for them to come together and work as a team before the actual retreat weekend.

Stay tuned for a 3-part retreat planning series coming up on Youth Ministry Insights

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