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Youth Ministry Insights is a series all about bringing the Church to today’s youth!

7 Tips for Youth Ministry Mission Work

7 Tips for Youth Ministry Mission Work

-Hook up with a local organization or soup kitchen to either make sandwiches for them or to serve meals at the organization site.

-Make “blessing bags” which is a Ziplock bag filled with snacks, a water bottle, tissues, mints (or really anything of this sort) as well as a home-made, cheerful card. With adult supervision and permission forms, hand the bags out in the streets or train stations of inner cities. Many homeless gather there.

-Have youth from your group, young adults or parish community members give a talk to your group about a mission trip that they experienced. When possible have them provide photos or videos to add to the presentation.

-If possible organize a mission trip. There are several different organizations out there that you can go through. One is Catholic Workcamp (

-Teach in your ministry about the Corporal Works of Mercy and have a little “work” for them to do for each one.

-“Adopt” or sponsor a child from an organization such as Unbound (
Or a school from Mary’s Meals ( and collect money towards the sponsorship. You can write your sponsor child or get updates on them or the school you are so sponsoring. Your monthly sponsorship payment helps provide meals for the child, schooling and other essentials.

-Don’t worry about doing the great big mission work. Even if you just teach them to carry a granola bar with them to give to someone living on the streets when they go into a major city, that is good! St. Mother Teresa said: “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

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