Youth Ministry Insights

Hosted ByKari Janisse

Youth Ministry Insights is a series all about bringing the Church to today’s youth!

Youth Ministry Insights: How to Have Patience

Patience is a virtue and also a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Youth Ministers can often get caught up in the “waiting time” for your ministry to grow. It truly takes patience during the time you are building your ministry and throughout it! Additionally patience is needed in gaining the trust of the youth, having patience with the “energetic kid” in your programs, patience with the youth’s parents, and patience with ourselves. Kari sits down with a new Youth Minister, Sarah Creel, who is a former youth group member of her ministries, to talk about how to have a patience in youth ministry! She looks back at the past with Sarah starting off in her ministries and Sarah shares how patience is a part of her “baby” Youth Minister stages. Kari shares how at any stage of being a Youth Minister, patience is ALWAYS needed!

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